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2016 to 2021


A little about me and
about this exhibition

There are many reasons for the decision to only present black and white photography in this exhibition. Therefore I would like to explain my thoughts on photography in general and on my own photos here.

The everyday life of modern man is characterized by automatisms. We live less consciously. We make fewer decisions and everything is, more or less, thought through for us. It's the same with color photography.

You don't have to make an effort with pictures in color, because the supposed reality is already given to us by the color. We have to think less about what is being photographed.


Black and white photography, on the other hand, demands a little more from us. It irritates by the lack of color information. It offers a lot more space for your own imagination - what art in general should actually do. Someone once said: "The color offers information. Black and white, on the other hand, requires its own interpretation”.

Today's world forces us to live faster and faster. As a result, we have less and less time. We are constantly bombarded by visual impressions. Instagram & Co. literally tempts us to only take a quick look at things, pictures and events and then scroll on as quickly as possible.

We expect the photos to be sharper, the colors brighter and the content to be even more shocking than the last one. The first impression alone counts and decides about life or death, in other words, whether you like or dislike the content.


To counteract this trend a bit, the photos presented here have been intentionally given a touch of analogue photography. For the same reason, some pictures are deliberately not made as sharp as current technology allows us, or even preaches. The number of photos presented has also been deliberately kept low. This gives you, dear visitor, more time to get involved with individual pictures.


The portraits on display show different people, but purposely no professional models. You will find some of them beautiful, some perhaps not so much. I didn't choose them because of their looks, but because they all have their own stories and their own social background. This is probably not obvious at first glance. The environment that could give you more information about the people is mostly missing. Just like their life stories. But I invite you to linger over each individual portrait, to imagine the lives of these people and to interpret every look, every facial crease, every facial expression that you see. You can also try to imagine the story hidden behind it.

And about me? I am a passionate photographer and that should be enough for now.

(Link to online gallery is down below)

Virtual 3D photo exhibition
15.05.2022 to ...

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